Mate + Xmonad | Ideal Setup

How to set up Xmonad with Mate

Hyper App

A new Framework for the Front-end Web

Parallel Command

Parallel command for executing things in Parallel

Collection of Words / Sayings

Some Lines worth remembering

QOD 08 May


QOD 30 April

Is life an illusion

It's Time to BUILD

what are you building?

QOD April 19 2020

Another day another quote

Quote for the Day April 14 2020

Another day another quote

Quote for the Day

Some Quotes that I have found inspirational or made me think

Git Notes

just so I remember

Zathura PDF Reader

Zathura, a simple functional pdf viewer

How to generate a new of pdf without password in Linux

How to remove password from pdf

Migrated from Gentoo to Ubuntu Mate

Switching Distros

TensorFlow get avaialable resources

Find info about available resources of localsystem when using tensorflow

Issues with Minikube and Apparmor

Minikube refuses to start on gentoo with kvm2 driver

Shortcuts && || Tips

Might help in reducing the manual labour

Getting Nautilus to mount other system partitions in a enviroment like Xmonad

Might help if your are unable to mount other system partions from nautilus in a Window Manager like Xmonad or Awesome

Check DNS records from shell

DNS records from nameservers!

Markdown for Flowcharts and Diagrams

Ever wanted to simplify documentation and avoid heavy tools like Visio when explaining your code?